Проблемы при найме менеджера по работе с партнерами

Hey there! Ever felt like finding a perfect affiliate manager is a puzzle that just won’t fit? Whether you are an HR-recruiter or a team lead, we get you and are here to share with you the top 5 challenges to hiring an affiliate manager and some actionable solutions on how to overcome them.

⌛ Challenge 1: The hiring process is taking too long

Sifting through CVs and conducting interviews takes time and money, leaving your company’s growth on hold.

What to do: Develop a focused hiring strategy and use a candidate survey to filter out candidates with irrelevant experience. We recommend that recruiters collaborate directly with team leads and use scorecards to ensure accurate insights from both team’s and HR’s perspective.

🤔 Challenge 2: It’s not completely clear who to hire

Uncertainty can lead to wasting resources and searching in the wrong direction.

What to do: Although team leads may not always know who they need, they will know why they need that person. To clear things up, recruiters can ask the hiring team to create a list of desired competencies. Asking the right questions is important for a recruiter to get relevant information and execute the search effectively.

🎯 Challenge 3: Limited candidate pool

Locating a skilled affiliate manager with niche expertise and proper education can be a challenge due to a shortage of suitable candidates in the market.

What to do: Constantly track the market and monitor potential candidates. Another approach is to consider hiring junior specialists or interns from related fields and providing them with a thorough onboarding. It’s crucial to ensure their soft skills align with the team’s expectations from the outset – which brings us to Challenge 4.

🧩 Challenge 4: A candidate may not fit the team

Mismatched hires lead to turnover and resource drain – yet again. 

What to do: Plan an onboarding process and learning materials that will help new employees immerse in the profession successfully. Also, try employing bar-raising interviews and regular follow-ups. At ADHUNT, we check in on every new employee after 2, 4, and 12 weeks on the job to monitor their progress and nip any problems in the bud.

🌐 Challenge 5: It’s hard for the company to attract affiliate managers in general

Companies need to be “fluent” in affiliate managers’ language so that they can connect with potential candidates.

What to do: Collect insights from conferences and interviews, ask candidates about their expectations, and align their preferences with team leads’ vision. HR’s role here is to identify and harmonize both parties’ needs.

And a bonus tip:

The most effective search channels for us to find an affiliate manager are cold LinkedIn search and Telegram chats. And remember, sometimes you need to be proactive and hunt for the right candidate rather than waiting for them to come to you. And we at ADHUNT are ready to help you quickly find that perfect match!

💡 Which of these problems resonate with you? Share your thoughts and solutions in the comments!

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