Diseño Web vs Diseño Gráfico: ¿Qué especialista elegir?

If you’re contemplating hiring a designer but are uncertain whether to opt for a graphic designer or a web designer, it’s crucial to understand their distinct roles. This article will break down the differences between graphic designers and web designers, including their skills, salaries, job outlook, and educational backgrounds.


Defining a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are visual storytellers who blend artistic creativity with digital tools to produce compelling visual content. Their aim is to engage and influence their audience through various mediums, both digital and print, in a visually harmonious and appealing manner.

Their scope of work is diverse, encompassing the creation of logos, e-cards, flyers, posters, packaging, book covers, website graphics, advertisements, brochures, and much more. While graphic designers are skilled and versatile in their craft, they must adhere to the specifications and needs of clients or stakeholders, using software like InDesign and Illustrator and incorporating feedback into their designs.

Where Graphic Designers Typically Work

Graphic designers are versatile in their work environments, ranging from freelance to full-time roles. They are often employed by:

  • Advertising agencies and design studios
  • Corporations and brands
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Various industries requiring visual storytelling

Understanding the Role of a Web Designer

Web designers specialize in the visual and functional aspects of websites, webpages, and mobile apps. Their responsibilities include designing layouts, structures, interactive elements, and ensuring an optimal user experience (UX). A solid grasp of UX and user interface (UI) design principles is essential for web designers.

Their daily tasks might involve discussing project details with clients, creating design prototypes, selecting color schemes and typography, conducting usability tests, and ensuring web accessibility and privacy compliance.

Where Web Designers Typically Work

Web designers, like their graphic counterparts, can be found in various work settings, including freelance and in-house roles at:

  •  Technology consultancies
  •  Design agencies
  •  Software companies
  •  Corporate environments

Web Designer vs Graphic Designer: Key Differences

While both graphic and web designers are skilled in design, their focus areas and mediums of work differ significantly:

Focus and Medium

Graphic designers often handle print-based projects but may also engage in digital works like social media graphics and digital ads. Their primary goal is to create aesthetically pleasing visuals that effectively communicate messages and strengthen brand identities.

Web designers, conversely, are dedicated to the layout and functionality of webpages, focusing exclusively on digital platforms and not physical media. Their role is to design user-friendly, online-optimized websites.

Education and Required Skills

Both roles typically value skills over degrees, though formal education is a bonus. Web designers often have degrees in computer science, web design, or development, whereas graphic designers usually have art-related degrees.

Web designers’ skills are more technical, including UX/UI design, CMS knowledge, basic coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and SEO. Graphic designers’ skills are less technical, revolving around Adobe Creative Suite proficiency, design principles, branding, and marketing.

Salary and Job Outlook

Graphic designers have an average base salary of around $44,697, according to Glassdoor, though this varies by factors like industry and location. In contrast, web designers earn a higher average salary of $64,100.

The job outlook also favors web designers, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting a 23% growth in web development and digital design roles between 2021 and 2031, compared to a modest 3% growth for graphic designers.

Deciding on the Right Designer for Your Needs

Understanding these differences is key to deciding whether a graphic designer or a web designer is more suited to your project’s requirements. Both roles offer unique skill sets and specialties, so choose based on the specific needs of your project or company.

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