Is remote work a path to professional burnout?

In a remote environment, the working day limits are often unclear, the bed turns into a workplace, and you constantly feel the need to quickly check your email while having a walk in a park. Lack of adequate rest and work-life balance inevitably leads to burnout.

So, today we want to share some tips on how to avoid burnout.

1. Make health a priority

A normal sleep schedule, a balanced diet and moderate exercise will help support the body and improve mental health.

2. Plan your vacation

If you find it difficult to allocate resources, try planning hours of rest in advance – set the dates for rest and vacation in your calendar.

3. Organize days of digital detox

To save yourself from the information overload, try to avoid checking your social networks on the weekend, turn off notifications and have a day of mindfulness.

4. Try self-reflection

Burnout is often caused by an inability to recognize one’s emotions. Try to analyze what you feel at the moment of stress tension, and what relationships or situations cause you stress.

5. Manage your emotions

Once you have learned to analyze your emotions, try to manage them. For example, when you feel anxious, breathing practices can help.

6. Manage your workload

Distribute the workload and reasonably evaluate your time. For example, the Eisenhower matrix is suitable for prioritizing tasks. It’s also useful to pause and step away from the computer – this will help you fresh your mind a little.


And most importantly – don’t forget to do what you love apart from work and refill your box of positive emotions ❣️

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