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We are happy to introduce you to ADHUNT – recruiting agency in Affiliate Marketing and AdNetworks. In this article, we talk about what we can do for you and why employers in the Affiliate Marketing industry choose us.


What do we do?

We hire professionals in Affiliate Marketing, Advertising Networks, CPA networks, AdTech, IT, and Finance.

It is important for us not only to assist the candidates in finding the perfect job but also to help companies find the perfect employee. 

We believe that an encounter with the right people leads to strong partnerships, financial success, and outstanding results.

Some ADHUNT statistics:

  • 3+ years of experience in recruitment
  • 116+ closed positions overall
  • 92% of our candidates pass the probationary period
  • 17 days – average period for closing a linear position

We hire worldwide.

Why do our clients choose us?

1. Deep focus on the industry

Our recruiters have profound insight into the digital realm and affiliate marketing industry, enabling a targeted and strategic approach to sourcing and securing top-tier specialists.

2. IT knowledge

Our expertise in the IT industry helps us hire professionals in this ever-evolving tech landscape.

3. Worldwide geo

We function on an international scale offering a vast base of candidates from Europe, CIS, South America and South East Asia.

4. Business understanding

We have an extensive understanding of business structure which helps us connect with relevant candidates and close positions in a fast and effective way.

How does the work process look?

The process of interaction with the customer consists of 7 stages. 


Recruitment services

  • Standard position: 8% of the annual candidate income

  • Complex position: 12% of the annual candidate income

We have a 90-day guarantee: if during a 90-day period the candidate won’t fit, we’ll make up to one replacement.

Additional services:

  • Cost: €2000–€3000 depending on the complexity and requirements of the position.
  • Vacancy limit: Up to two vacancies simultaneously in the pipeline.
  • Cost: €50–€60
  • What’s included: One call to the candidate, processing of the feedback after the call, and processing of data from psychological testing.
  • Understanding limitations: Bar-raising includes the ability to identify the candidate’s limitations, which helps minimize the risk of errors in hiring.
  • Price is task-dependent: The cost depends on the tasks set, the volume of work, and the complexity of the task.

2023 work cases

1. Reduced the client’s workload working with candidates

In 2023, we conducted 14% fewer interviews with hiring managers compared to the previous year – and saved their time on reviewing CVs and talking to candidates. Finding relevant candidates became 44 hours faster for the employer (at the rate of 1 interview = 1 hour).

At the same time, the interview-to-offer conversion rate has increased. Now, a hiring manager needs to conduct an average of 5 interviews per offer.

How did we do this?

Due to our growing experience, our understanding of the affiliate market has expanded – thanks to this, we can better determine whether a candidate is suitable for the employer. We interview only target candidates and conduct deeper interviews – we can easily notice where a candidate is lying or fakes their expertise.

2. Found Head of Sales in 60 days


We needed to find the head position for the Sales department. It was necessary to search quickly, so as not to slow down the work of the entire department, but at the same time efficiently – it was important to approach the position of a manager with full responsibility.


To build a search strategy, we studied the market first. Through a cold search, we selected 81 profiles, each of which was carefully examined.

From this list, we provided the customer with 9 most relevant candidates for interviews.


The entire hiring process took about 60 days, which is a fairly short period to fill a leadership position. The customer invested only 9 hours of personal time and within 2 months added a qualified manager to the team, who later successfully completed the probationary period.

How did we do this?

We have improved our knowledge of the market and began to better understand where to look for experienced specialists.

3. Improved the search of sales manager and media buyers by 2.5 times


Just a year ago, it took us more than 2 months to fill the position of a sales manager and media buyer. For the search we only used job aggregators with a very limited pool of suitable candidates. We had little understanding of where to look for specialists with the required experience.


We have upgraded the search database and introduced new tools. This year we can see the results – the period of closing sales and media buyer positions has decreased by up to 2.5 times.


Previously, we filled one vacancy in 1.5-2 months, now – from 2 to 5 weeks, or more precisely:

  • Media Buyer – 4-5 interviews per offer
  • Sales manager – 3 interviews per offer

How did we do this?

After several unsuccessful closures in 2022, we took consulting from third-party recruiters and expanded the database for searching candidates – we added donor companies, forums, and started using LinkedIn more actively.


We also began to interact more closely with the hiring managers. Receiving information about requirements and offering targeted candidates has become easier and faster.

Looking for qualified employees? We will be happy to help you with this!

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